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Jack Axe Games and Festival
September 10, 2015
Kane County Fairgrounds - St. Charles, IL


NEW TO 2016!

New this year is the Jack Axe Tournament which includes our staple events plus a couple extra that are geared more for the strong at heart, arm and body.   At the tournament you have the opportunity to compete in one, two or all the events.  



Different than the Jack Axe Obstacle course, which is measured by proper completion of the obstacles for time, the Jack Axe Tournament is more about the skill. 

The Cross Cut and Tractor Pull are timed events individually, however the Axe Throw will be scored by accuracy, the Stone Throw by distance, and the Timber Toss by the completion of the toss and where it lands relative to the place thrown.

The tournament will be run throughout the day with awards presented at the end of the days event.

Prizes will be awarded for the winners, both Women and Men, of each individual event as well as an all round Champions. 

The Double Eagle Trophy – This award will be rarely handed out, it is for the individual who can achieve the incredible feat of winning both the Jack Axe Obstacle Course as well as the Jack Axe all round Champion.

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