Jack Axe Games


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Jack Axe Games and Festival
September 10, 2015
Kane County Fairgrounds - St. Charles, IL


Competitors take on a 1.5 mile obstacle course that encompasses components that test individuals and teams through strength and endurance. Elements throughout the games are pulled from Lumberjacking, CrossFit, Strong Man and Scottish Highlanger type of events all with a Jack Axe twist.

Saturday, September 10th, 2016

  • Elite Axe Competition: This class is for the seasoned athlete, someone who fears nothing, but looks to conquer everything. Men and Woman alike have an opportunity to come out on top and take home the $2,000 prize money in each of the classes for first place. Second place receives $500 and third takes home $100.
  • Average Axe Competition: This class is for the people. The average Jack's and Jill's that want to put another notch in their belt as something they've accomplished. The entire course remains the same but the level of intensity can be scaled to ones capabilities. 
  • Team Competition - Teams of 5 people will take to the course bearing a weighted object throughout its entirety. If you are competing for the cash, a team must be made up of the following. You need 5 team members with at least 2 women in the team. The team with the fastest time will receive $2,500, second place taking home $1,000 and third place taking home $300


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