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Jack Axe Games and Festival
September 10, 2015
Kane County Fairgrounds - St. Charles, IL


Let me tell you a story about Jack. 

As early as one can remember Jack has always been there.  You could tell that there was depth of character in Jack's eyes and a heart for his fellow man in his actions.  He never sought attention but through the calm waters of a confident soul you could tell he was a person of significance.

It was this sense of peace that drew many too him like gravity which he later discovered but didn't feel the need to lay claim to, but that is a story for another time.  He held ancient wisdom in his hands lightly, knowing that it was not something to be owned but to apply and share.

In the early days, people used fallen trees in the forest to build a shelter.  Jack was the man that took a stone with a sharp edge and affixed it to a handle and started chopping down trees, he called it an axe.  From then on, mankind was able to carve out their existence instead of just reacting to the environment, it was on this day a legend was born, he was known as Jack Axe.

Everyone shared in the benefits of his ingenuity, but that was only the beginning of his exploits.

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